Our Mission

Unykeness was created simply out of our realization that everyone is unique, special, one of a kind.

We knew we wanted to help more people find and express their uniqueness and show the world just how special they truly are.

We know that every person’s passions are what truly make you special and therefore it was important for us to share ours with you : creativity, cartoons, animals and of course cute and girly supplies !

Our Approach

Our company is based in France. We work with suppliers all over the world and our warehouses of goods are mainly in Asia.

Our goal is to select the best trend products that meet our criteria of quality, cuteness, efficiency while remaining affordable.

The selected items are designed to allow you to express your creativity while having excellent longevity.

Our Collections

We want to bring you happiness when you work, study or when you need a break. And we’re here to help you to express your artistic personality too !

That’s why our collections offer cute stationery and extraordinary designs. Our items are also practical and studied to offer you a maximum of pleasure by using them.

We are like you ! And we’d love that you’d share your dreams and your creations with us.

Our Philosophy

Of course, our enterprise would be for nothing, if it wasn’t for our amazing customers.

This is why we always offer the best and friendliest customer support, should you have any questions or issues with your orders.

In fact, we might not be a family business but we certainly aim to treat all our customers as family, simply because they deserve it !

Our collections are here to display just how awesome and special you are. So browse through our store and pick a product or two that you like… It’s time to treat yourself !

Thank you for choosing us !

V.Pouppeville – Founder